How to maintain outdoor garbage cans?


    There are many factors contributing to the damage. We need to protect the dustbin in many ways to avoid the harmful material in the environment. Different types of pollution, different to the degree of damage to the product, will take different protection measures to save costs. In general, in addition to the special treatment of high pollution environment, the anti-corrosion technique used in the general environment mainly USES electroplating or painting.
    The garbage can on city streets, the summer sun and the freezing of winter, this is not an ordinary material to bear. In particular, the dustbin of plastic material, in this kind of temperature difference of the environment is very old, crack, greatly reduced the use time, can not reach the design requirement, raise the use cost.
    Now many cities for industrial reasons, when air quality is serious, the rain and fog contains a lot of harmful substances, such as strong corrosive, outdoor dustbin is given priority to with stainless steel and other steel products at present, it is easy to corrosion, to reduce the service life. Steel products due to their own characteristics, high strength, corrosion resistance. In many places, high strength steel bins are used to prevent corrosion and greatly improve service life. It is the responsibility and conscience of the enterprise to prevent corrosion as a dustbin manufacturer.
    So, at present the dustbin plastic in reducing, except for some units, such as hospitals, other places are generally adopt iron products dustbin, or with iron products as the theme of the structure of the bin. Stainless steel bins, steel bin, etc.