Choose the method of sorting trash can reasonably


    At the end of the street, we can see all kinds of garbage cans, which are convenient for passers-by to throw rubbish. The bins include stainless steel trashcans, plastic garbage cans, metal garbage cans, wooden garbage cans, and advertisement bins. Different materials can be classified in different sizes and sizes.
    How should we choose to classify garbage cans? From the following aspects, this article is for reference only:
    From an environmental point of view: we should choose some recyclable trash cans that are not polluted by the environment. Classification of trash main function is to classify garbage processing, if in use process will be some negative effects on the environment, it has violated the set classification trash can promote the meaning of classification of environmental protection. In small make up view, classification ash-bin should choose metal, stainless steel, steel wood class classification of trash can, but these types of trash recycling value, are often thieves steal, therefore, the placement of these classes trash can must be to do a good job of defense. In addition, the use of plastic, glass and steel for radioactive hazardous waste bins.
    From placed into consideration: the classification dustbin most outside, and traffic was more concentrated and centralized areas, use frequency is relatively high, therefore, to the bin capacity also to have certain request, should as far as possible choose bigger capacity of the trash. Now some of the street trash cans are full of advertisements, and the waste bins in them are very little, like a decoration, with a very small capacity. Such a trash bin can't meet the need to collect garbage, but it is advertised as a public dustbin.
    Next, we will discuss the functional design of the classification bins. As we all know, garbage classification can be recycled, unrecyclable, hazardous and toxic waste, etc. Classification trash can include two kinds of classification dustbin, three kinds of classification dustbin and four classification trash can, if these functions are designed on the trash can, can greatly reduce the intricate work garbage classification, but also can enhance people's awareness of garbage classification. Therefore, it is recommended that the use of the classification trash can be taken into consideration, and then put the corresponding garbage can. The trash can be placed in different categories, depending on the needs of various places, but two kinds of garbage can must be placed.